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The Open Source Policy Center is making policy analysis more transparent, trustworthy, and collaborative by supporting open-source projects that build cutting-edge economic models.

Our History

Policymakers increasingly rely on computational models to predict the budgetary and broader economic impacts of current and proposed policies, especially those involving taxes and entitlements. Estimates from these models often determine a bill’s success or failure in the legislative process and public sphere.

The Open Source Policy Center's first focus is supporting community-driven projects that analyze the budgetary and broader economic impact of taxes. These models are completely transparent and freely available to researchers across the country. OSPC also provides an easy-to-use online interface that allows students, policymakers, journalists, and informed citizens to interact with the models and learn for themselves about the effects of policies.

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A disruptive open source platform for exploring tax policy impact.
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The calculator estimates marginal effective tax rates on new investment.
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